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Get up and do something!   Don’t be stuck, do something and so God can use it!  Especially as the school year begins, please – please don’t just be stuck.  Do the right thing: include the awkward kids, give support freely, look past the physical appearance…  You have the opportunity to be the feet of the very One we proclaim to serve – Jesus!  Do not take this charge lightly – you are asked to be different.  When we allow ourselves to be the feet of Jesus, we will not stand still for long.  Expect and welcome the challenge!  He will guide your steps and your actions.

It’s no secret that I don’t love the University of Kentucky – I went to Indiana University (rival) and I root for University of Louisville (arch rival) – so on all fronts, I can at the very least say “I am not a UK fan.”  But today, I am in awe!  The UK basketball players washed the feet of kids in the Bahamas and then gave them each a pair of shoes.  Please read attached post!  This is a public university’s basketball team, with a very accomplished and renowned coach – a coach who taught these players about Jesus today!  To say the least –  this will have a lasting impact on those kids, not to mention some players.  But for an NCAA coach to actually teach about the humility and servanthood of washing feet – God never ceases to surprise me!!

Please – if you get nothing else out of this – know that you can and will be used by God in ways that seem crazy.  Crazy to you, but in God’s view – you and your actions fit perfectly into His plan,  Do your best not to get in His way!