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Your hands have so much power.  They are amazing structures of the body – enabling skills like writing, typing, feeding yourself, dressing yourself.  But more importantly, they are connectors.    You can use your hands to reach out to feel the softness of a flower, to powerfully turn a knob to open something, to play an instrument.  Did you know that there are 34 muscles that move the fingers and thumb????????  Our hands are designed for intricacy.  God planned that we would move with our hands, that we would feel with our hands, that we would work with our hands, that we would praise with our hands.  They are our sensors to the world beyond ourselves.

One thing that always amazes me and moves me is when we join hands to pray at Camp.  Whether it is for our yummy food or at the campfire in closing for the night – that almost automatic joining of hands is incredible.  It is a connection that we have that some people may never experience.  It is a connection between family and it is POWERFUL!!  It’s okay to share this with others outside of camp – grab a hand – it instantly conveys your connection to another.

Be mindful – your hands can connect you to others.  Remember the power of that connection and share it with others.  A simple squeeze of another’s hand instills togetherness, support, and love.