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Proverbs 27: 17  “As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend”

I have a devotion that I love called “Devotions for the Beach and the days you wish you were there” by Thomas Nelson publishing. For someone who is in land locked Indiana I have a great fondness for the beach. Sometimes I can sit on my deck out back and hear the wind rushing thru the trees and imagine that it is the waves I hear. I found in one of the devotions a study that was published about Australian Sea Turtles. The mysterious fact about these turtles is that they bury their eggs at different depths but somehow they all seem to hatch simultaneously. There are several theories as to why this happens but scientist don’t have a true answer as to why they all are ready at the same time to meet the “hatching date”. We know who makes this happen and he has a reason. God always has a plan.

We are not unlike these turtles. Some are the turtles at the bottom, the young Christians. They need the ones above them to loosen the sand and help them find their way. Some of you may be in this group. On fire for Jesus and you don’t know a lot of the basics but you are excited to learn.  You need the roll models to help you along.  Some are the turtles in the middle. They have to still fight to the top to make their way out. Those in this group have the basics down but may not have been truly tested in their faith and need the back up of those who have been there, fallen down and have gotten back up again.  Then you have the ones on top. These guys are the leaders. These turtles need to find the most direct route so the others don’t go off course because everyone else is following them. These Christians have ,as I said before, had themselves tested thru the experiences of life and have found the Holy Spirit to be true and comforting. They need the fire of the turtles on the bottom and the strength of the ones in the middle to keep going until the race is run. Ultimately we are all looking towards the “hatching day” when we meet out Lord and Savior. God did not want us to travel this journey alone. We are all in this together. Can you think of someone you look up to? Someone who might look up to you? Sometimes these are people that we stay with us and others are with us only for a time. People are put in our path so that we can learn to be more like Christ. It is not by coincidence or by accident that we come to know those believers who may help us along. So today I ask you, who do you look to and who are you bringing along?

Thank you Father for the blessing of your believers. Thank you for placing them in our path that we may  learn something from them and/or they may learn something from us. Your plan is amazing and wonderful just like your creations. Be with us as we travel this journey and help us to understand your will and your way. Amen