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Camp is an awesome place, isn’t it?  At some point during each week of camp during the summer, I think:  “Do I have to go home? Why can’t I just stay here with all of these amazing people?”

As cool as that would be, we can’t live at camp.  We all have our lives back in our homes and communities.   We all have our friends and families (and pets) that we enjoy spending time with.  We all have our schools and jobs where we learn or work. We have our cars, or 4 wheelers, or bicycles that we enjoy getting around in.  And, we have our phones that we can’t use at camp!

Unfortunately, though, we also have those things at home that bring us down.  That bully at school or coworker at work that gets under our skin brings us down.  That test or project that didn’t go so well brings us down a little bit more. The grind of homework, school, sports, parents, fitting in, working a job, and trying to be good wears us down.

When I leave camp each summer, my glass is full.  As I get back to the world, though, each of the little things above splashes a little bit of water out of my glass.  After awhile, my glass isn’t so full anymore.

But, there are little things in life that fill my up my glass.  A funny text from a camp friend or thought about something that happened at camp fills my cup a little bit.  Going to church or listening to some of my favorite Christian songs gives me another splash of water too.

Seeing my friends and buddies and spending time at camp really fills my glass, though.  Campers who are freshman through adult staff are invited to our fall retreat this November 16-18.  Our Fall Retreat is a time for us to see friends, sing some songs, worship together, hang out with other Friends in Christ, and fill up our glasses.  Look for information to be sent to you about the retreat!

Here are a couple of verses that I think apply to the above.I don’t want to type them out, though – I want you to get in the word yourself and read – check these out:

Job 2:11
Proverbs 27:17