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As you are all getting into the swing of the new school; a chapel that I did a few years ago came into my mind this week. I am an individual who enjoys being a part of any sport. I often in some way or another relate my faith journey to a sporting event. For example, it is easy for me to sort of see my faith journey as a basketball game.

The team outings that the teams go on are like camp and retreats in many ways. The outings are a way for the teams to get closer to each other and bond. In this same way, camp and retreats allow us as Christians the opportunity to get closer in our relationship with God. While growing closer to God we are also making and renewing friendships with other campers. The practice sessions that teams take a part in are like church is in relation to our faith. The practices are designed to help the team get better at certain aspects of their sport on a daily basis. Church helps us to improve on our understanding of the Bible and what it is that God is asking us to do. The game nights for the sports teams relates to our life. Just like on game nights where teams use the items they learned at practice to better the outcome of their game; we use everything that we discuss at church to make life a little bit easier to handle at times.  At camp we talked a lot about our Pyoca Faith Family and how if you attend our Gemini week you are automatically part of the Gemini Faith Family. The starting lineup on a sports team is exactly like those individuals who you are closest to who are your friends. I have a few people, besides Quentin, who I know I can call if I ever have a situation that I need help with.

As you continue this school year, remember to keep your faith family and your relationship with God close to your heart. I would love you to look up scriptures on faith, family, and friends.  I hope you all have a wonderful end to your week and remember that we as staff are always there if you ever need anything